Special flights for VIPs - Aviation internal and external - a unique service



Blue Limits specialized in trading and charting boats and yachts.


ALGhassan Motors - Mclaren

shoeroom cars


ALGhassan Motors - Lamborghini

shoeroom cars


Beautiful Time International

The Best Advertising Magazine ,Beautiful Time


AL-Saedan Home International Real Estate Company

Buying and selling real estate


Easy Index

Easy Index It is the first electronic Index of its kind in the world. And classified Indexs within the second generation of search technology in web images within the ranges.


Aston Martin

Aston Martin Dealer in Saudi Arabia



We are car care and styling fanatics. whose passion and discipline have guided us to where we are today. M360 is every car enthusiasts dream,a place where passion,innovation, and collective knowledge meet. when it comes to expertise and specialization, we would go the full length to ensure that our delivered result is a reflection of the global industries standards. A statement that is easier said than done still, it is the journey that inspires us, not the destination. we strive to be your beacon of guidance through the vast possibilities of car care, protection, and styling, and above all, welcome you to the global community of automotive dreamers. M360 aims to be A truly specialized modification unit built for the passionate, if dreams are the limit we will stretch the borderline between imagination G reality.


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Our Awesome Clients

Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - Violet _ Hala and more for all the qualities of the hands of families produced
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - Ice cream
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - For every woman loves beauty Malda Beauty Center Provide - Body Treatment ,Hair Care ,Massage & Facial Care ,Make up ,Full Bride Services
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - Waters
Khames Mushait - Saudi Arabia - Aljawhara diet program was created to correct nigative and false information about diet and obesity problems. There are different schedules and programs designed for each individual. What do you get when you enroll to our program. 1. Daily diet program for a month or weekly for 6 consecutive weeks. 2. Meal preparation and cooking recipes. 3. Monthly shopping lists. 4. Special designed exercises. 5. Dietetion articles. 6. Instructions and concepts correction. 7. 6 hours availability every day to answer all meal changes questions and all other inquiries. 8. Complete nutritious supervision. 9. Safe for all ages. Genders. Pregnants and breast feeders. 10. Your program will be sent to you through whatsapp with complete privacy. 11. Special messages for hair anx skin health. Stretch marks. Siliollate reduction. Included with your membership. 12. Messages to remind you to rebuild your body nutrition in the future. 13. Healthy food preparation recipe for you and your family.
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - Tala shop for communications for all smart device and accessories
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - The Law Firm of Badr Alarishi
Almadinah - Saudi Arabia - Atelier female logic city for training on the basis of drawing and oil painting style Academy and painting techniques Courses and workshops organized under the name of &aposArtists Town house&apos Artst Home
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - Bed & Mattress
Khames Mushait - Saudi Arabia - Lulu Small shop. Specialized for fitness and health materials. Available items:
1. Indonesian band 10m. SR.45.
2. African Shia butter 250g. SR.39.
3. light cappuccino 1*3 reduced caffeine. SR. 45.
4. Senna massage oil. SR.34.
5. Tea cream to relieve joints pain. SR. 25. 
6. Cocozi chocolate drink for children and adults. SR. 60.
7. Massage coffee to reduce siliollate. SR. 19.
 8. Coming soon. Massage equipment’s and materials to relieve stress and siliollate.
We delivery to all KSA. Shipments will be sent every Thursday.


Gift shops

Lujain For Natural Roses and Gifts : Lujain For Natural Roses and Gifts

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

Barber Shop

Charisme Care Center : Charisme Care Center

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

Hotels and resorts

Al Rawasi Suites : Al Rawasi Suites

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

Beauty center

Rahti Center - Sports Massage : Rahti Center - Sports Massage

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

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