Special flights for VIPs - Aviation internal and external - a unique service



Blue Limits specialized in trading and charting boats and yachts.


ALGhassan Motors - Mclaren

shoeroom cars


ALGhassan Motors - Lamborghini

shoeroom cars


Beautiful Time International

The Best Advertising Magazine ,Beautiful Time


AL-Saedan Home International Real Estate Company

Buying and selling real estate


Easy Index

Easy Index It is the first electronic Index of its kind in the world. And classified Indexs within the second generation of search technology in web images within the ranges.


Aston Martin

Aston Martin Dealer in Saudi Arabia



We are car care and styling fanatics. whose passion and discipline have guided us to where we are today. M360 is every car enthusiasts dream,a place where passion,innovation, and collective knowledge meet. when it comes to expertise and specialization, we would go the full length to ensure that our delivered result is a reflection of the global industries standards. A statement that is easier said than done still, it is the journey that inspires us, not the destination. we strive to be your beacon of guidance through the vast possibilities of car care, protection, and styling, and above all, welcome you to the global community of automotive dreamers. M360 aims to be A truly specialized modification unit built for the passionate, if dreams are the limit we will stretch the borderline between imagination G reality.


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Our Awesome Clients

Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - RBCWall is a load bearing building panel with a multitude of uses for the construction industry.
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - Furniture & Decoration
Makkah - Saudi Arabia - Al Hudaibia Aluminum & Ironwork Factory (HAFCO) is one of the leading factories specialized in the design, installation and installation of curtain wall, cladding systems, doors and windows of all kinds, as well as various covering systems for modern buildings. HAFCO combines European, American and Asian expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of glass facades and covering systems. Our quality can be seen from the early stages of manufacturing, from the research and development phase through the structure and manufacturing stage to completion and delivery. This is in addition to our interest in the quality of interior and exterior finishing of buildings. Hafco is one of the pioneers in its field, in line with its successful projects and high quality sectors, which has earned it a distinguished position in the field of facades cladding with glass and aluminum. Hafco Factory aims to become the leading factory in the contracting and building cladding industry in the glass facades in the Western Region and the rest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to being one of the pioneers of integrated factories in the Middle East in the field of glass facades, construction and contracting in general.
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - Saudi Sun Tour Est. organizes cultural and recreational trips inside and outside Jeddah: .Cultural Trips: Historicl Jeddah Trip, museum trip: cultural trip begin with a tour to Jeddah Corniche to see the most important attractions and then a tour in the historicl Jeddah or one of the historical museum, where tradition and originality with in the heritage of old jeddah ,with a wireless electronic guide :Recreational Trips- Safari: trip to enjoy and exciting day of adventure among the dunes away from the noise of the city sea trips : sea trip ,fishing trip ,and diving trip .
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - Photographing professional events
Aldammam - Saudi Arabia - Make all kinds of paper prints
(Personal cards - magazines - bills - bonds - files - publications - calendar - marriage cards)
Print Flex - Banner - Sticker - Film with cutting and unloading service. Work all kinds of paintings
(Znkur characters - Light and non-luminous stainless steel letters - UniPol - MiniPol)
  In addition to the design and installation of cladding
  Well we have design and implementation of seals at attractive prices
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - Construction of internal and external designs
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia - shoeroom cars
Dubai - Emarates - Massaad is THE ONLY Arab farm-to-table fast-casual concept in the world. With the emphasis on eating well and eating Mediterranean, Massaad Farm-to-Table offers traditional Lebanese casual food, in a fresh modern setting. The menu includes freshly made hot and cold mezza, grills (both meat and chicken), and uniquely prepared sandwiches. Sandwich platters are also available which offer added value and perfect for corporate lunch boxes. 

Timings : 

Mon-Wed: 11:30 am-2:00 am
Thu-Sat:	 11:30 am-4:00 am
Sun:	         11:30 am-2:00 am
Makkah - Saudi Arabia - Is one of the leading factories in the design and shaping of glass facades, where the latest machines and machines are used for the work of drumming, spraying, fixing and sealing of all types of glass in a professional manner.
GLABCO combines the latest glass products with the expertise of a high-quality team working harmoniously to produce the best glass products by protecting glass, professional technicians and periodic inspection of glass to ensure the quality of the final product. For glass and EGC in all kinds of glass including dvr.
Glapco is proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of glass processing and all related design and manufacture. It is also developing the techniques to reach a product suitable for all engineering tastes, and is keen on customer satisfaction first and foremost.
Glacco aspires to be the best in its field in the coming years.


Gift shops

Lujain For Natural Roses and Gifts : Lujain For Natural Roses and Gifts

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

Barber Shop

Charisme Care Center : Charisme Care Center

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

Hotels and resorts

Al Rawasi Suites : Al Rawasi Suites

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

Beauty center

Rahti Center - Sports Massage : Rahti Center - Sports Massage

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

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